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5 Things You Need To Know About Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

Car insurance is the umbrella which protects your motor vehicle from the unprecedented rainfall in the form of accidents. This accident such as theft, fire, acts of vandalism, acts of God, etc.  can occur at any time and thus, it is better to be safe than sorry. The people of today’s times have realized this and have equipped themselves with the best insurance policies available in the market.

Even the government of India has made it mandatory for all vehicle owners to purchase third-party insurance for their vehicle- without which they cannot drive on the Indian streets. However, this mandatory cover doesn’t provide protection to the damage caused to your vehicle; as it only covers the bodily and financial loss of the third-party.

But you can always opt for a comprehensive policy and cover that loophole, as this policy provides protection for both third-party as well as own-damage. Yet, the entire cost of repair or replacement for any of your vehicle’s body parts are not covered by the own-damage cover; however, now you can opt for a zero depreciation cover and make up for this drawback.

These are the 5 things you need to know about zero depreciation cover:

  • The value of your car?

Imagine, you have just purchased a brand new vehicle and this car is the one that you have always wanted. Now you are out of the showroom with all the paperwork completed and the payment being made. Do you still think that the price of your … Read More . . .

Volvo’s Xc70 Made Even Better And Safer

The station wagon has been the icon model of the Swedish-based subsidiary of Ford. The cart represents suburban comfort and wealth and of course since it’s made by Volvo safety remains its most important feature. Moreover, among the wagons developed by Volvo, the XC70 also known as the Cross Country has made the biggest impression on the customers. Additionally, now Volvo is introducing an all-new wagon in the market with a price that will start at $36,775.

The all-new Volvo wagon with Volvo cornering light will still possess all the qualities that made customers fall for it such as the leather seats, solid construction, and of course a load of safety features of which the automaker is famous for.The XC70 rely on styling cues of the past, and it’s evident on its square-shouldered profile, timeless styling cues, and spaciousness. Steve Mattin, Volvo? S Design Director said that through the aid of the original overlapping tailgate that takes the tail lights up once it is opened adds up extra space in the interior making it larger than before and easy for loading.

For its engine, a 3.2 liter, inline six-cylinder ordinarily aspirated engine that revs up 235 horsepower and mated to the engine is a six-speed? Geartronic? Automatic transmission that allows the driver to shift manually when desired. In terms of the fuel mileage, Volvo has not released any info on it.The all-new XC70 is offered in all-wheel-drive while the new electronic?Hill Descent Control? Does that make use of the vehicle? … Read More . . .

All new Datsun GO Plus, a new small family compact car

You must have noticed the latest Aamir Khan commercial of Datsun GO Plus, where he keeps on repeating the caption line for this latest small MPV model “Experience change with the all new Datsun GO Plus”. Well, how can we question the dignity and ideology of Aamir Khan who is known as a person of ethics and always promote the things which obey the quality.

Here, we have come up with all the changes introduced in the new Datsun GO plus as:

  • Got a whole new exterior transformation- you will see a plenty of changes in the Datsun’s exteriors such as the revamped front-ends which now features the more shapely bumpers. And the grilles now got a whole new mesh. Its large now with the all new 14-inch wheels and whereas alloy wheels are found on the top-notch model. If we talk about the rear then it has got a whole new bumper design and the brand has also included a windscreen wiper to it. It is even available in all-new brown color option now.
  • Refurbished interior- well the brand has given a whole new and refreshing look to its interior. You will see a totally redesigned dashboard who gets the re-profiled focal AC vents.  The glove compartment has a whole new addition of a lid. Well in the top-notch models, you may also experience the new 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment framework. Other than, this tachometer is also added to instrument cluster and other common luxuries like adjusted exterior
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