Volvo’s Xc70 Made Even Better And Safer

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The station wagon has been the icon model of the Swedish-based subsidiary of Ford. The cart represents suburban comfort and wealth and of course since it’s made by Volvo safety remains its most important feature. Moreover, among the wagons developed by Volvo, the XC70 also known as the Cross Country has made the biggest impression on the customers. Additionally, now Volvo is introducing an all-new wagon in the market with a price that will start at $36,775.

The all-new Volvo wagon with Volvo cornering light will still possess all the qualities that made customers fall for it such as the leather seats, solid construction, and of course a load of safety features of which the automaker is famous for.The XC70 rely on styling cues of the past, and it’s evident on its square-shouldered profile, timeless styling cues, and spaciousness. Steve Mattin, Volvo? S Design Director said that through the aid of the original overlapping tailgate that takes the tail lights up once it is opened adds up extra space in the interior making it larger than before and easy for loading.

For its engine, a 3.2 liter, inline six-cylinder ordinarily aspirated engine that revs up 235 horsepower and mated to the engine is a six-speed? Geartronic? Automatic transmission that allows the driver to shift manually when desired. In terms of the fuel mileage, Volvo has not released any info on it.The all-new XC70 is offered in all-wheel-drive while the new electronic?Hill Descent Control? Does that make use of the vehicle? S brakes and engine torque enables the wagon to crawl in bottom gear especially on steep downhill slopes.

The new height-adjustable integrated child booster cushion is one of the most exciting features of the all-new XC70. It is a world’s first, so better not expect for other vehicles of other makes to have it. Through this child booster cushion, Volvo officials are hoping that children who hate using booster seats will finally start appreciating them since the new cushion seats make them look more grown up.In terms of safety features, the all-new XC70 will be equipped with the next generation whiplash protection system, dynamic stability, and traction control, tire pressure monitoring system, and enhanced impact protection for pedestrians and cyclists. Other new options included for the first time consists of the adaptive cruise control with collision warning and brake support.

but in terms of volvo design and color always miss a few steps from its competitors, it’s no wonder that Volvo users always use car wraps to change the color they want. Inside the all-new XC70 are ortho-posture supportive seats and ergonomically designed instruments, rear seats that split 40/20/40, and foldable backrests that make room for a larger compartment with an entirely flat floor. The luggage compartment floor is reinforced with aluminum rails and movable anchorage points to secure a load. The side panels also have a built-in load anchorage eyelet that keeps luggage securely in place.